Septic Saver

The septicSAVER works by fundamentally changing the bio-chemical process from a passive anaerobic mode to an active aerobic mode. This is accomplished by controlled aeration of the wastewater in the septic tank. The septicSAVER strategically increases the dissolved oxygen level in the septic tank creating an aerobic environment. The biomat forming anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in this oxygen rich environment and quickly die. In their place, a colony of highly active and naturally occurring aerobic bacteria begin to flourish in the tank.

Within 24 – 48 hours the aerobic bacteria dominate the environment. After this period, the system will be completely free of septic (rotten egg) odour and be replaced with light earthy or musty scent. Being 20X – 30X more aggressive than the anaerobic bacteria, the aerobic bacteria reduce the waste and pathogens by 70% – 90%! The results are very clean water with very little organic material flowing to the dispersal field.

The significant reduction in wastewater strength flowing to the dispersal field immediately begins to starve the biomat of a food source. As with any other living organism, without a food source it cannot survive and begins to die off, breakdown and become permeable again. In addition to the starvation of the biomat, oxygen rich wastewater containing aerobic bacteria flows to the dispersal module, where it begins digesting the biomat.

In summary, an anaerobic system treats 30% – 50% of the waste in the septic tank, relying on the dispersal field to treat 50% – 70% of the waste. After using the septicSAVER, 80% – 95% of the waste is treated in the septic tank and the dispersal field only treats the balance of 5% – 20%. This is the science that successfully recovers failed or failing dispersal fields. In addition to reactively addressing the biomat, the septicSAVER can be installed to avoid and maintain biomat permeability.

What to Expect After Installing a septicSAVER:

  • There should be no septic odour from the system after 2-5 days of installation.
  • Ponding may move to different locations in the dispersal field.
  • If ponding remains during the early stages of recovery, it should be odour free.
  • Continue to operate the septicSAVER as directed. Just because your system performance has improved dramatically, do not assume the problem is completely fixed.

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